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Alessandra Trazzi

Alessandra represents the real Italian style in all its peculiar features. The perfect Italian look! She knew at a very young age her passion was for hair styling and all things concerning. In Italy she is a top hairstylist, the one can make the difference with a new haircut or color nuance. She can bring the feeling of beauty they lost, making them feel unique, special and confident!

Striving to bring out the best in all her clients, Alessandra creates an effortless and fresh style with the belief that one haircut doesn’t fit all. Studying one’s face shape, complexion and personal style, she can create a tailored, current, manageable, and charming look. From customizing a haircut to recommending a hair color that will enhance your skin tone and eye color, she creates an immaculate result!

Alessandra Trazzi began her career, as a hair stylist working at the Dessange Academy in Milan for over 18 years. Alessandra took classes and continued her own education and practical training. She also attended shows and conferences at the Dessange headquarters in Paris. During her career as a stylist and trainer, she moved all over Europe and America, to keep up salons with current trends and all the great styling options, and now in Houston at the Ceron Hair studio to bring the Italian charm with her immaculate haircut style.

In Paris she worked at the ”Prestige Creation”, In Florence, Milan and Rome as hairstylist at the Italian famous fashion catwalks and shows, and at the Roman festival of the cinema working for celebrities such as: Johnny Hallyway, Victoria Abril, Sandra Ceccarelli, Patsy Kensit, Arian Ascaride, and Jeremy Irons.

One key to the magic? The constant research of new styles of female beauty, taking her inspiration from art and nature. Alessandra is an ”Emerging Artist” because of her own precise technique to mix a perfect haircut style with the most suitable balayage highlights color to create sun-kissed natural looking hair.

She can give your hair-look depth and dimension, you will see your face brighter and younger, with an amazing refined Italian look. Click here to book an appointment with Alessandra today!

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