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One-Process Color Treatment

Ceron Hair Coloring

One-process hair coloring, also commonly referred as “single-process hair color”, is an all-over treatment and one-step process involving a new color or toner being applied all throughout the hair to create a whole new base color. The talented team of stylists here at Ceron Hair Studio will guide you through this process by helping you decide between our one process coloring, full and partial highlights/lowlights, hair glossing, and balayage.

Why should I choose to Single Process my hair instead of highlighting?

If you’re happy with the base color of your hair, then you should choose to go with a highlight/lowlight. However, if you want to go several shades lighter or darker than your natural color or you feel your natural base color is “dull” or greying, then a one process hair color treatment may be the right fit for you.

The advantage of having your hair colored by an experienced hair colorist vs DIY, is that a colorist has an eye for what hue and treatment process is best for you all while providing a high quality, one process color experience you can trust.

Book online or contact us to schedule an appointment today! We look forward to creating the perfect color for you at our salon.

One-Process Coloring | $95 and up

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